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We invite you to consider reselling Carriage Candle Company’s quality products, whether you’re an existing business owner or an individual who would like to distribute our candles. To become a wholesaler, please complete our quick and easy forms.  The initial order for new wholesale accounts is $400.

Becoming a Wholesaler

To buy Carriage Candles as a reseller and at wholesale prices, you must first complete a Blanket Exemption FormResale Certificate Form and the Online Ordering Account Set Up Form and then send them to our office via fax, scanned and emailed or by mail.  In completing the form, you will need to provide us with a Tax ID number for resale.  You can obtain a Tax ID number from your local State Comptroller’s Office, usually free of charge.

After approving your application, we will email you about your reseller status and supply you with a code to access wholesale pricing.  We look forward to you joining our team!

Methods of Selling Carriage Candles

Along with resale specialty shops, individuals can sell our candles. Individuals can sell our candles in many ways.

  • Mall Carts – especially during the holiday season
  • Packages – real estate agents or apartment complexes often buy candles as move-in gifts
  • Craft Shows and Fairs
  • Friends – Sell Carriage Candles to friends who will in turn tell others. You’ll be surprised how quickly your customer list will grow. Carriage Candle Company started in business selling to friends, and we continue to service our original customers!
  • Candle Parties – Hold candle parties. Give the person who holds the party a percentage of the sales in the form of merchandise. The more you sell at their party, the more they will receive in merchandise.  It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

To help generate return business, print reorder stickers with your phone number and place on the bottom label of the candles.  You can also print your own order forms for distribution among your customers.

Are you ready to become a reseller of Carriage Candle Company?  Begin by completing, signing and returning the following forms.

Blanket Exemption Certificate Form

Resale Certificate Form

Online Ordering Account Set Up