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Whether you’re relying on school-age kids to sell your fundraising products or adults, these guidelines will help inspire them to sell with confidence and ensure everyone stays safe.

Selling Guidelines

  • Prior to selling, make a list of all your potential customers: family, friends, neighbors, business acquaintances, etc. Occasionally, retail stores will agree to let your organization sell outside their establishment, such as grocery stores. Always ask and get their okay first.
  • Children should ask parents to take the order form and brochure to their office for display in the lunchroom (if permitted) or other appropriate spot, their next Bunco game, backyard barbecue or gathering of friends.
  • Take information to church and ask for support from members or to school for support from teachers, coaches and other administrators.
  • Upon approaching a potential customer, introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the fundraiser. Stating your goals will increase the chance of a sale. Always speak clearly and keep your sales pitch short and concise. Even practice a few times before beginning. For example: Hi, my name is John. My church youth group is raising money to attend a youth conference out of state. Your purchase will help us reach our goal. Thank you!
  • Show confidence, smile and always say thank you regardless of the response. Be yourself and enjoy the experience! Sincerity and a smile will invite people to look at your sales brochure.
  • If you have a sample candle, bring it along.

Safety Guidelines

  • Never allow children to sell door-to-door in unfamiliar neighborhoods.  Adults should accompany younger children. Older children or teens should use the buddy system and always keep their parents apprised of their whereabouts and when they will return home. Never sell alone.
  • Never enter homes of people you don’t know.
  • Never carry large amounts of money and keep track of all your purchases