Candle of the Month
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Coordinating a fundraising program with Carriage Candle Company is easy with only three simple steps to follow.

1. Collect Orders

We supply each of your sales participants with a full-color order form, picturing the candles and listing your preselected scents. Your sales team takes orders for a designated period of time. Customers must pay when placing their order and write checks to your organization. Participants turn in orders at the designated deadline to your fundraising director.

2. Submit Orders and Payment

Once the fundraising director collects all the orders and payments, orders are transferred to our simple Master Order Form, which we provide to you. All payments should be deposited into your organization’s designated account. After completing the Master Order Form, fax or mail to Carriage Candle Company. We will invoice you for the amount owed to Carriage Candles. Payment is due when the candles are shipped or your order is picked up.

3. Deliver Candles

We ship or have your complete candle order available for pick-up within three to four days after we receive the Master Order Form. For pick-up orders, we can presort for a charge of $5.00 per salesperson. We cannot presort merchandise for shipped orders. Payment is due at time of delivery via C.O.D., credit card or check.

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