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Do you require any start up fees with your fundraisers?
No.   Carriage Candles will supply all the forms and brochures that you need to complete your fundraiser. You’ll experience no out-of-pocket start up expenses.

How does our group begin the fundraising process?
First complete our online Information Form, which allows you to register your group or just request more information. Once you agree to participate, select up to 20 fragrances and the time you want the fundraiser to start. Carriage Candles will then ship you all fundraising materials at no charge.

Do you guarantee your products?
Yes! We work hard to create superior candles and we guarantee their quality 100 percent!

Do you require any minimum purchases?
We do require a small order of at least $125.00.

What fundraising materials will you send?
We will send you sales brochures, order forms and a master form.

Does it matter how small or large our group is?
No! Any size group or individual can participate.

Must our group represent a nonprofit organization?

No! Any group or individual raising funds for a worthwhile cause can participate in our fundraising program.

Do you presort the orders for us?
Unfortunately, we can only presort pick-up orders for a charge of $5.00 per salesperson.

Will I have to buy the products first and then sell them?
No! We base our fundraisers on pre-sales. Your salesperson sells from our sales brochure and collects the funds (checks made out to your organization). Your fundraising director then collects all the funds and orders; tallies orders on the master form and sends that to Carriage Candle Company. Your organization only pays for the candles ordered and shipping, if applicable. You are not required to keep an inventory nor are you left with candles that you cannot sell.

How long should we take orders?
We suggest at least two weeks, but no longer than four weeks.

When do you expect us to pay for the candles?
Payment is expected at time of shipping or pickup.

How much profit can my organization make?
Depending on the prices you set , you make from 20 to 53 percent profit! Remember, fundraisers must sell at least $125.00.

What candle products do you offer?
We offer more than <” of all fragrances”>67 fragrances of which you can choose up to 38 fragrances to sell. They are available in three different sizes.  The order forms can be printed out from your own computer, listing the fragrances and sizes that you have selected.

How long will it take to receive our candle order?
We will ship your order within three to four business days after receiving your Master Order Form and payment or guarantee of payment.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes! If you wish to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover accepted), call Carriage Candle Company at 281.242.7133.

When do you consider the best time to hold a fundraiser?
We believe the best time to begin is when your team is committed to reaching your goals!

Do we have to charge sales tax?
Groups outside of Texas do not pay sales tax. If you are located in Texas and possess a tax-exempt certificate, you may have to charge or pay sales tax. In Taxes, contact the Texas State Comptroller’s office. Please note that the Texas State Comptroller’s Office only allows two tax-free fundraisers per year for an organization.

Are there any shipping charges?
We supply all fundraising materials at no cost to you, but you are responsible for shipping of the materials as well as your candle order. Materials and candles may be picked, if local.

Can we successfully sell your candles two times in a row?
Experience indicates that the second fundraiser often is more successful because people are more aware of the quality and value of the candles and feel more confident in purchasing more. We also strive to introduce new fragrances regularly, so your customers have new options.

How do we sign up our organization?
Simply complete our Information Form online to start the process.

Do candles produce profitable fundraising returns?*
Yes! Surveys performed by the candle industry demonstrate that seven out of 10 U.S. households use candles. Candle buyers consider candles as ideal gifts for the holidays (76 percent), as housewarming gifts (74 percent), as hostess/dinner party gifts (66 percent), as thank you gifts (61 percent) and as adult birthday gifts (58 percent).

*Taken from the National Candle Association at