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While you will enjoy the ease of fundraising with Carriage Candle Company, you will also find that organizing the activity from the get-go makes the process run even more smoothly. Here are some helpful tips for your fundraising program.

Sales and Marketing

  • Determine your goal in dollars and purpose. For example, a church group wants to raise $2,000 for their youth league to attend a conference out of state. Set an objective for each participant based on this amount. Make this known to everyone. Setting clear goals and following the progress will help motivate those involved.
  • Set a deadline. Most fundraisers run a maximum of three weeks. Limiting the time period will keep everyone driven and enthused.
  • Gather everyone together before beginning your fundraiser. Explain your goals and the timetable. Review the sales brochure so all participants understand the products and prices. Use this time to generate enthusiasm about reaching your objective! Clearly state the deadline and stress the importance of turning in all sales by this time. Late orders will delay delivery. On time delivery will ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business!
  • Stay in contact with your team and provide updates. A passionate positive-thinking coordinator adds a great deal to the success of a fundraiser, like a coach trying to win the game.
  • Advertise! Get your fundraiser printed in your organization’s bulletin, newsletter, on websites and bulletin boards. Make announcements during meetings, games or practice. Talk about your fundraiser wherever it is appropriate. Keep a sales brochure on hand so you’re prepared if an opportunity surfaces.


  • Remind your team to collect money when taking orders and have all checks made out to your organization.
  • Ask volunteers to help total orders. With large fundraisers, consider assigning a chairperson who can oversee these matters. Always check and recheck your order forms and totals.