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At Carriage Candle Company, we keep information that you share with us secure and private by using high quality, secure eCommerce solutions. We employ the best technology to protect any credit card information you submit. Upon entering the checkout portion of our site, your screen becomes secure via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL converts your data into secret code, only readable via a secret key or password.

One way to verify that you’re accessing a secure website is to check that the address begins with https:// rather than http://. Another way to confirm a secure connection is to look for an icon in the lower left corner of your browser. Netscape indicates this with a key. Microsoft uses a locked padlock.

We store all secure information on a computer unlinked to the Internet. Carriage Candle Company does not share this information and ensures that the information is not stored elsewhere. If you still do not wish to enter your information online, you can always call us at 281.242.7133 and order over the phone.