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To help answer some questions you may have about Carriage Candle Company, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

If you need additional answers feel free to contact us, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you!

Why do hand poured candles offer a higher quality candle than machine poured candles?
Handmade products involve the human touch, and at Carriage Candle Company we are quite picky about the candles we make. We hand pour, inspect and package each one, so you receive a superbly crafted candle.

Is there an appropriate way to burn a Carriage Candle?
Yes!  For best results, keep the wick trimmed to one-eighth to one-quarter inch.  This will eliminate black smoke, soot on the sides of the jar and the mushroom-like clump on the wick.  Wax “remembers” so for all burns you want the wax pool to extend to the edges of the glass before extinguishing. Also:

  • Burn your candle for only two to three hours at a time for the best burn time.
  • Always place your candle on a heat- and stain-resistant surface.
  • Never place our candles on the lids!
  • If the jar becomes chipped or broken, do not continue to burn.
  • Remove any foreign objects in the jar before lighting.
  • Never extinguish the candle using the lid.
  • Once the wax content reaches less than a half-inch, stop burning the candle to prevent possible heat damage to the counter or surface.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • The seller and/or manufacturer are not responsible for misuse.

Why should I stop using the candle when a half-inch of wax remains?
Glass can get very hot on the bottom as the flame nears the base of the container, as most of the wax is gone. If you discontinue burning at a half-inch, then the glass will not get too hot. As mentioned, we recommend burning all candles on heat-resistant surfaces for your safety.

How long do your candles last?
If you burn our candles properly, you can enjoy the following burn times.

Size Burn Time
8 oz 55-65 hours
11 oz 85-95 hours
22 oz 165-175 hours

Do you use lead wicks?
No. Carriage Candle Company only uses the highest quality wicks in all of our candle products.

Why do candlewicks sometimes appear shaped like a mushroom?
A mushroom shape appears on the wick when carbon deposits develop. This happens when the candle consumes wax more quickly than the flame can burn. Most likely this means that your wick needs trimming. Blow out the flame and cool, then trim off the wick (removing the carbon deposit) and relight. Avoid letting wick trimmings or other materials fall into the wax pool.

Why do I need to trim the wicks?
Trimming the wick allows you to burn each candle properly and enjoy the candle for the longest burn time possible.

Why are the wicks not staying lit?
The wick may be too short or there is draft in the room. We recommend that you do not burn a candle directly under a ceiling fan or air-conditioning vent for safety and for the candle’s longevity. If you accidentally trim the wick too short, carefully dig out a small amount around each wick and relight.

How can I avoid the smoky smell after extinguishing my candle?
Smoke interferes with the candle’s fragrance. To avoid the smoke, use a candle snuffer to extinguish the wick. You can also push the ends of the wicks, one at a time, into the melted wax pool with a toothpick to extinguish them.

What are your most popular fragrances?
Our most popular fragrances change from season to season. To help you identify them we labeled the most popular candles in our product descriptions with the word “Favorite.”

Do you recycle the empty jars, or can I refill my jar candle?
Glass weakens as it accumulates bulges and scratches from use; therefore, we do not recommend refilling our jars for reuse as a candle. However, they make wonderful holders for all kinds of things around your home: buttons, nails, cotton balls, potpourri and seashells. If you choose to recycle, most local recycling agencies will accept empty containers with other glass jars.

If I wanted to use my empty Carriage Candle jar for storage, how do I remove the metal wick base?
It’s easy! Once all the wax is removed, simply pour enough rubbing alcohol in the jar to cover the base and allow the jar to sit for a few days. The rubbing alcohol softens the glue and releases the base. Be sure to give the rubbing alcohol enough time to work and don’t pry at the base with your hand or an object.

How do you make your candles emit such a long-lasting and strong scent?
That’s the Carriage Candle Company secret recipe! We are a bit persnickety about researching, sniffing and testing fragrant oils. Once we’ve put our new selections through the examination process, we test and retest to ensure we’ve blended the right amount of wax and oil. We believe our meticulous operation results in authenticity of fragrance and quality of burn.

How can I remove spilled wax on my carpet or tablecloth?
Consult the fabric manufacturer’s instructions before trying the following. Once the wax hardens, gently remove the larger wax pieces. Next, place a clean paper towel over the wax spill and warm the towel using an iron on a low setting, or a blow dryer on its lowest heat setting. The wax will begin to melt and soak up into the towel. Blot the wax and repeat as necessary until wax is removed.

How can I remove spilled wax on my wood surface?
Follow the instructions mentioned above for removing wax from fabric or carpet. When removing the larger wax pieces, be sure to use a dull object to avoid scratching your wood finish. After warming the paper towel over the wax spill, wax should easily wipe off from the surface.