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Mailing List & Comments

Mailing List

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We love hearing from our customers!  If you have a comment, suggestion or idea that you would like to share, we’d love to hear!  Please feel free to add your comments in the box below.

5 Responses to “Mailing List & Comments”

  • 1 Lisa Formby Says:

    I love your candles! I was hoping you offered a Cranberry/Pomegranate scented candle. It would be a wonderful idea for a new candle scent. It’s currently a very popular combination. I work in the spa industry and my clients absolutely fall head over heels in love with my cranberry/pomegranate body treatments. I use the Biotone cran/pom customizing complex. (for reference)
    Thanks, Lisa

  • 2 Mary Sullivan Says:

    I was in Canton this past weekend and purchased some candles. Never purchased from you before.I’ve been burning Creme Brulee and my entire family loves it! We have a 2 story and our daughter says you can smell it upstairs. I’m a very happy customer. I will be purchasing more!! Thanks for a great smelling candle.

  • 3 Says:

    The orange cinnamon I purchased last month is wonderful! Of course … I’m still burning a Baltic Amber … Thanks!

  • 4 Nicolle Larios Says:

    I love your products! Can you mail me a catalog to : 12111 Atwell Dr. Houston, Tx. 77035. Please!

  • 5 Kathy Gonzales Says:

    I would love to know where your next show or fundraiser might be so I can come purchase a couple more warmers and candles. I got my first last year when you were at a Pets for Adoption in Pearland, TX I love my candle/warmer… Thanks Kathy

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