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At Carriage Candle Company, we hand pour each and every candle using only the finest wax and fragrant oils. In fact, we’re a bit fastidious about every facet of the candle making process. In selecting the oil, we take the time to breathe in the oils before carefully making a selection. Then we test the oils with our premium wax, ensuring that the amount of wax and oil is just right. By mixing our fragrances equally throughout the candle, we guarantee that the last burn smells as strong as the first.  We never measure fragrance by volume. And we always perform quality control during every pouring.

With Carriage Candles, you will experience an even burn and no tunneling, which can leave extra wax on the sides and bottom. We use 100 percent lead-free wicks, placing two wicks in our 8oz jar (up to 65 hours of burn time), two wicks in our 11oz. jar (up to 95 hours of burn time), and three wicks in our 22oz. jar (up to 175 hours of burn time). And we think you’ll enjoy our aesthetically pleasing containers, too!

We have the utmost confidence in our candles and believe you’ll agree that they are the finest candles available. We guarantee it. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 15 days of receipt and receive a full refund or equal value towards your next purchase.

Come see why customers say: “We used to use three or four candles to scent a room, but now we can use just one of your candles and scent the entire house.”

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